Compliance Process Automation Under SEC Regime

cfX is a leading provider of technology and compliance expertise for State Housing Associations (SHA) across the country who are tasked with providing affordable housing.

This is a heavily regulated arena, overseen by the Securities & Exchange Commission at the federal level.

The cfX Case Study can be found here.

cfX identified a need to standardize workflows to ensure that all compliance recommendations being made to their SHA clients were themselves compliant with SEC requirements.

In addition, visibility into work and a more effective work management platform were required, in order to reduce administration chaos, and ensure that nothing was missed by the cfX team.

JobTraQ was selected as the provider, against strong competition and an incumbent solution.

The result has been to allow automation of compliance processes to take place, the creation of standardized processes for the formulation and delivery of client recommendations by cfX consultants, and the ability to prioritize work across the entire team.

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